Today we talk about the second 25 Woodworking blogs.
Hope you got a lot of great ideas from the first blog and are ready for some more great artisan stuff and ideas !

Disclosure : Some of our blogs contain affiliate links. Should you decide to purchase through these links we will receive a commision at no extra cost to you

26 – Scott Meek Woodworks

Scott Meek is passionate about creating beautiful furniture and hand tools out of wood. Not only does Scott teach classes on how to make a wood body plane but he also sells them already made.

27 – Shanty 2 Chic

If you want to make beautiful household pieces easily from every day materials you should check out this blog. It is filled with hundreds of easy to make projects that are perfect for anyone.

28 – Stu’s Shed

Presented in a down-to-earth manner from one woodworker to another, this site started as a way to get some of Stu’s trial and error experiences and answers out for everyone to learn from.

29 – Make Something

Dave Picciuto was formerly known as Drunken Woodworker. Dave’s new site is a video based blog (vlog) that features a Weekly Woodworking Wrap-up Review episode every Thursday. He also occasionally uploads unique project and tip videos.

30 – The American Craftsman Workshop

Created by Todd Clippinger is a self taught designer/craftsman who produces some absolutely stunning work. Todd also likes to share where the inspiration came from for his projects which is really nice to see.

31 – The Bois Shop

Rob Bois started blogging in 2008 and has been writing blog posts with accompanying videos since.

32 – The Carmichael Workshop

Steve Carmichael has been uploading woodworking videos to YouTube for quite some time and started his blog back in 2013. The cool thing about Steve’s projects is that he makes sure that everything he does is simply FUN. Everyone should enjoy woodworking and it really shows in what Steve does.

33 – The Penultimate Woodshop

Dyami Plotke is part of the Modern Woodworkers Association trio. The Penultimate Woodshop is a place for Dyami to showcase his personal woodworking.

34 – The Renaissance Woodworker

Started by Shannon Rogers more than 5 years ago, The Renaissance Woodworker was originally an attempt to chronicle the events in his wood shop. Today it is host of Shannon’s Hand Tool School where you can learn how to use hand tools and to build furniture with traditional methods.

35 – Brian Benham

Brian makes some really unique and beautiful furniture. He also has a YouTube channel you can check out here.

36 – The Unplugged Woodshop

Tom Fidgen is not only an author, musician, and a designer/maker but also another hand tool enthusiast teaching woodworking with hand tools in his home workshop in Toronto. I found Tom’s website through his YouTube channel so be sure to check out his videos too!

37 – Fine

Almost a no brainer in woodworking niche these guys not only talk about the passion but also about getting your business setup should you aspire for more

38 – The Wood Whisperer

I’m not sure if anyone reading this hasn’t found Marc’s website but for those who haven’t here is a great site full of useful woodworking education with a touch of personal humor. Lots to soak up here.

39 – The Woodworking Trip

Also known as SailingandSuch on YouTube, The Woodworking Trip is another woodworking blog started in 2008. The Woodworking Trip is a way of sharing his knowledge of woodworking with others. Just as myself, he learned everything he knows about woodworking from books and online research.

40 – This Woodwork

Alex Harris started woodworking 6 or so years ago and started the TeenWoodworker YouTube channel to share woodworking and woodturning information which he has gathered along the way. His blog is an extension of his woodworking videos to offer project articles and plans.

41 – Tico Vogt

Since 1983 Tico Vogt has made custom furniture and cabinetry for private homes, museums, corporate art collections and executive offices. I literally just lost 20 minutes of time reading a simple post about pruning pine trees. I’m enjoying a lot of his posts lately.

42 – Tom’s Workbench

Tom has been woodworking in his garage woworkshop since 1998. During that time he’s learned a lot and tried to share what he knows with other woodworkers. He is also a frequent columnist for Wood Magazine writing under the nom du bois The Shop Monkey.

43 – Wacky Wood Works

This blog was started to show people woodworking can still be done even if you don’t have all the tools and as a journal of weekend activities and projects. It’s a reminder that everything can be done with a bit of though.

44 – Wilker Do’s

April Wilkerson is the DIY’er behind Wilker Do’s. It’s a site where she has been able to share her woodworking hobby with all of us. As with most people these days she’s on a tight budget so her projects are resourceful and clever. Most all of her project posts are great picture filled tutorials.

45 – Wood Choppin’ Time

Chad Stanton is the host of Wood Choppin’ Time, owner of Stanton Fine Furniture, a Licensed Contractor, and a contributing editor for the American Woodworker Magazine. Chad takes a new approach to his woodworking videos believing people learn better when they are having fun. You might just want to dance after checking this site out…

46 –

An engineers approach to woodworking. You will find some brilliant home made machines as well as a lot of technical projects and experiments here. If you have never checked out make sure you have an hour to kill because it’s very easy to get sucked into all of the awesome content.

47 – WoodTreks

“WoodTreks” are video journeys for woodworkers, wood artists, and collectors of fine wood crafts, art, and furniture. Be inspired, learn how-to, and discover master artisans and their work.

48 – WoodWorking For Mere Mortals

Arguably one of the most inspiring personalities in recent woodworking history Steve Ramsey has been showing us all that YOU can do woodworking. He has been encouraging people for years that they can make really cool stuff out of wood with very little expense and no experience. If you somehow haven’t heard of Steve or WoodWorking For Mere Mortals be sure to check out his blog and also his YouTube channel.

49 – Woodworks by John

After 30 years of making custom, one of a kind pieces John retired in 2008 and has turned his blog into his full time endeavor. The quality of John’s work is top notch. This is another blog that I am enjoying reading through all of the previous content.

50 – Workshopshed

Diary and thoughts on setting up and using a small shed as a workshop. Another blog from an everyday person. Woodworking with a mix of interesting stuff in between.

Final thoughts

All in all a Plethora of ideas and craftsmanship inbetween the two posts.

Need some more on getting your own woodshop on par?

The guys at Ultimate small shop guide have you covered to get to the next level in woodworking .

Go check them out as we hope you enjoyed our efforts to get you a up to date list of inspiration.

Credits to the guys at Jays for starting this years ago

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